We developed OnTheMove to be as user friendly as possible. Below you’ll find a few quick help topics to make life easier and when you’re using OnTheMove you’ll see “?” buttons next to some menu items. If you rollover these with your mouse you’ll get a little extra info on what it means and what you need to do.

For more information regarding devices the OnTheMove website is available for please see Supported Systems.

We’ve made some changes.

The latest release of OnTheMove is now live. If you’re not seeing the updates in your browser, it will be because your computer is storing the old pages. To update to the new version, hold the Ctrl key and hit F5. If this doen’t work, repeat. For Mac, press Cmd + Shift + R.

Sharing your locationCloseExpand

OnTheMove can use your current location to autofill address fields. To do this, simply click the green button to the right of the field in question. When you choose to use this option your browser may prompt you to ask for permission.

Moving around the mapCloseExpand

To move around the map, simply click and drag using your mouse. If you’d like to zoom in on something double-click using your left mouse button. To zoom out, double-click using your right mouse button.


You’ll sometimes see little icons on the map. These represent three types of events:

  1. - Road works (scheduled or in progress).
  2. - Hazard which may impact your travel, such as a crash, slip, or snow and ice in a specific location.
  3. - An area warning, such as strong winds, heavy rain or a slip affecting a large area.

If you’d like to know more about a particular event on the map, click on the icon and a pop-up will appear, giving detailed information.

Creating and saving a routeCloseExpand

If you’d like to set up a frequently used route (from home to work for instance), enter the From and To addresses in the supplied fields – your route will then be drawn on the map. OnTheMove can use your current location to autofill either of these fields. To do this, simply click the green button to the right of the field.

Once the route is drawn, you can edit it by either clicking and dragging the end points, by re-entering the To and From addresses, or by clicking and dragging the blue highlighted route you can retain the start and end points, while plotting a different course between them – useful if you want to avoid an event on the map, or if you need to make a stop along the way.

You’ll see a bright orange line overlaying some of New Zealand’s roads. This is to indicate that these roads are state highways. If your chosen route intersect with these lines, you’ll be able to get real-time alerts and traffic information.

Setting alert preferences

Once you have input two addresses you will then be able to set the Alert preferences options. By default routes are setup to be sent Monday through Friday at 8am. You can check or uncheck the boxes to add or remove days from your alerts. And you can extend the timeframe you receive alerts by changing the From this time and Until this time fields.

Editing existing routesCloseExpand

To edit an existing route you must be logged in. Open up the menu tab and you’ll see a list of your routes found under the heading ‘My Routes’. Click on a route to open the edit screen.

Editing a route functions the same as the setting up a route. You can enter a new start or end point to your route. You can enter a new name for your route. And you can change the days and time at which you receive alerts.

To save any changes to your route, use the ‘Save changes’ button. Click ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want to keep your changes. Or, if you no longer want a route then you can use the ‘Delete this route’ button to remove it.

If you want to go back to ‘My Routes’ you can use the ‘My Routes’ button in the top right. This will not save any changes you have made to the route you are currently editing.

If you want to stop receiving email alerts for a period of time, you can check Pause all alerts. Uncheck at any time to start receiving alerts again.

Edit route line (desktop only)CloseExpand

You can edit your route line. If the route shown on the map isn't how you prefer to get from A to B, simply click and drag the purple highlighted route to change its path. Alternatively, you can click and drag the A and B points to change the start and end points of your journey.

Edit account informationCloseExpand

To edit your account details you can click on the link found in the bottom left corner. In the ‘Edit account information’ section you can update personal details for your account such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Mobile Number.

If you make any changes you can use the ‘Save’ button to save them, if you want to go back to your routes use the ‘Return to My Routes’ button, note that this will not save any changes you have made if you haven’t used the save button.

From the ‘Edit account information’ screen you can also click to change your account password using the ‘Change Password’ button. This will load a pop-up where you will need to input your current password and your new password. You must confirm your new password before you save your new password.

Supported SystemsCloseExpand

OnTheMove requires Cookies and Javascript to be enabled, please consult your systems help tool to enable these options.

OnTheMove is compatible with the following Desktop Operating Systems*:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

OnTheMove is compatible with the following Browsers*:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 18
  • Google Chrome 24
  • Apple Safari 5.1.7 (Windows 7 Only)
  • Apple Safari 6.0 (Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Only)

OnTheMove is compatible with the following Devices*:

  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Apple iPad 3rd Generation
  • Samsung Galaxy SI (or similar)

* Tested for compatibly on 2013-01-29
** The minimum supported screen resolution (MSSS) for mobile devices used on OnTheMove is VGA (640x480)